Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Silk, with a touch of Vintage

100 % Silk with a touch of Vintage
with matching scarf, (not my design)
my own design- top and skirt 
hand knitted,
taking place at the Lake of Constance

100% Seide mit einem Hauch von Vintage,
dazu ein Schal
mein eigenes Design
hand gestrickt
am Bodensee

click on the first picture to make them all large
auf das erste Bild klicken, dann gibts
die Vergrösserungen... 

The start and yes, I do know that
drawing isn't my thing... I usually
start with a few sketches taking place in my brain,
I bring them to paper followed by 
the knitting needles doing the job with
the help of Audio books. My favourites 
are Nordic thrillers.. 

adding by hand of course 

on the way

knitting this whole thing was a pain in the Arctic...
never  would I use such a yarn again.....
expensive doesn't always means quality

before adding the neckline and some more

yes.. not bad so far

and the final look

I knitted everything during the winter
gestrickt habe ich alles letzten Winter

Until next time -
bis zum nächsten Mal

Friday, January 06, 2017

FairIsle Skirt and Unicorn Parallegrams

a click on the first picture will enlarge them all...

FairIsle Skirt with Unicorn Parellegrams by Stephen West
I used up my leftover yarn from Kate Davies

100% Scottish Woll
Kate Davies Design
110 mtr per 50 g

Unicorn Parellegrams by Stephen West 
I have introduced this scarf already here 

Its my own design and I used 
cables and different Fairisle patterns 
from my own librarary..
yes, I do collect knitting books 

Since it has minus 7 degrees Celsius today,
I simply found it to cold to wear the outfit myself

The matching hat I bought secondhand 
and its from Kenzo... 

I was really lucky to be able to shoot 
these pictures with a bit of sun because
5 minutes later the clouds had taken over again..

matching leather boots 

in the wood next to us, lots of trees are
taken down and I can't really say
that I like it... 

 and 5 minuts later- it was back to grey.. or
on the way to grey..

and now a few pictures knitting 
this skirt.. it took place last

all the best

Monday, January 02, 2017

Color your life in 2017

Ein Pulli, mein eigenes Design,
das alles beinhaltet.
Material- das Feinste vom Feinsten



This pullover is my own creation.
The material  only the best of the best

and 100% Cashmere 

which I bought
in Kirkenes, Norway and I can't give out
the name of the yarn because I have thrown away
the bandrole. 

Die Fotos wurden am Bodensee am 26. Dezember 2016 gemacht,
es war sehr kalt aber wunderbar sonnig.
The Pictures were taken at the Lake of Constance
26th of December 2016
It was really cold but nice and sunny.

Ich beschäftige mich immer noch
mit diesem Projekt.
I am still working on this project

Es grüsst herzlich

Monday, December 26, 2016

Deco Vibe Deceptively Skinny Patchwork Skirt

Deco Vibe Deceptively Skinny Patchwork Skirt
Muster von / Pattern from

Direkter Link zum Muster hier

Ich bin mit dem Ergebnis zufrieden,
es war zwar viel Arbeit nötig, da 
das Cover Bild nicht dem genauen
Schnitt entspricht. Der vordere 
Patchworkteil ist beim Schnitt
gerade und man muss selber 
Hand anlegen um es kurvig 
zu machen was mich doch
einige Nerven und Zeit gekostet hat.

I am satisfied with the outcome.
It was a lot of work since the
cover picture is different to the
actual pattern. The patchwork part is
straight and one has to create the curvy part
oneself. This costs me quite some time and nerves.

Material/Fabric - 
green - 100% Silk - Jaquard- Ottomann
blue - a mixture of Wool/Cashmere

Fabric from my stash - it was a present
from a company in Italy 
(my husband used to represent this company as agent
and I was the lucky one - getting lots of very nice fabrics)

The knitted jacket is also one of my handmade
projects and it belongs to a matching skirt
which will be shown soon. 
Its finished and needs only to take  pictures.

Die Strickjacke gehört zu einem Zweiteiler,
meine eigene Creation und wartet
nur noch darauf zusammen fotografiert zu werden.
100% Wolle 

Pictures taken on the 26th of December 2016

and now some details...

The pattern is printed on a very good heavy paper.
I am not a friend of PDF patterns when it comes to sewing.

 I made a trial version first, I had cut out size 12 but had to
change it to size 10 ... 
The delivery service of HotPatterns is excellent. 
I have bought another pattern which I will soon

Mit dem Schnitt bin ich mehr als zufrieden,
starkes Papier - ich bin kein Freund von
Pdf Nähmuster. 
Erst benützte ich Grösse 12, musste
sie aber auf 10 ändern. 
Die Firma HotPatterns ist in Florida.
Der Lieferservice war excellent. 
Ich habe noch einen Schnitt den ich
demnächst in Arbeit nehmen werde.. 

Die Streifen für den Patchwork Teil 
The stripes for the patchwork part
und die beste Schneiderschere der Welt,
von der Firma Ernest Wright in Sheffield.

and the best pair of scissors from
Wright in Sheffield - handmade 
Link ->here



the final skirt I made straight without the lower middle part
Den Rock habe ich schlussendlich ohne das Godot-Teil gemacht 

the final act

jede Naht wurde eingefasst
the finishing of the seams

  1. Ich habe den Rock dann noch gefüttert


It was a pleasure to sew up this skirt 
and I am looking forward to the second one from HotPatterns.

Im Moment bin ich damit beschäftigt, meine
eigene Kreation und ja, zeichnen war noch nie
meine Stärke
Right now, I am working with this project
and yes, I was never strong with drawing...

Until soon
bis bald