Thursday, December 03, 2015

The goats of Inversnaid

The Goats of Inversnaid
Yarn - Buachaille -100% Scottish Wool
110 m per 50 g
120 yards per 50 g

I only knitted the pattern 3 times
and I made the top solid blue
I used up my blue and white skein from 
the Seven Skeins Club. 
I didn't knit the last pattern from it
because I don't like 
knitted Christmas stuff nor 
knitted jewelry.. 
but I am very very happy with this 

Buachaille retails at £ 7.49 per 50 g/120 yards/110 meters

The Inversnaid goats are 
thought to have the longest
pedigree of any
Scottish herd. 
I should have had this little 
hat in August when we drove
up and down 
 from the East
to the West
 of Scotland
I was in love with Scotland before
but after this holiday I 
could easily move there.

Rosalie, my model has a smaller
head than myself but I had no photographer 
to wear it.. so on my head it is tighter. 

It is a very nice fast little knit and 
the yarn is simply fantastic

 As usual, the pattern from 
Kate Davies are very well written and I knitted
this hat in a couple of hours

one of the palms in our garden

its the time of the year where we get our share of fog
slowly but surely its creeping up 
to our village.. 

Until next time..
all the best 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Autumn - Herbst - Pawkies

Skirt - my own design 
50 % Cashmere 
50 % Silk
Cobweb felt shawl - Red Lines
from here 
Regina Doseth
Jewelry - stones from me 
 created by

Gertrud Neusser-Schopf

Garfield since last week
the only cat we have got. 

I can see you.....
view from the balcony...

on the way to go...

early morning at the Lake of Constance...

Bunnet, striped and Pawkies striped
Kate Davies Designs, 
Seven skeins Club
since I didn't have enough 
Buachaille - 100% Scotttish Wool,
I used up already two colors,
I was creating the bonnet and the Pawkies to match the skirt... 
using the Cashmere and Silk yarn..
also not a bad choice.. 
But I will make both items again 
matching  my Cochal
from the Seven skeins Club

The Necklace and matching ring -
created by Gertrude Neusser 

picture with a ghost...

Close-up from the felted Scarf 

and some pictures from the garden.. 

Greetings from 
the Lake of Constance

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cochal - Buachaille - Kate Davies Designs

Cochal is a Scottish Gaelic word for hood
Buachaille - 100% Scottish Wool
110 m - 120 yds per 50 g 

Seven Skeins Club 2015
12 cells instead of 17 -
I didn't have enough yarn left but
the size is just perfect for me
The yarn is simply a dream
to knit and to wear...

pictures taken above the village  Berneck 
East part of Switzerland 
where they produce a fantastic wine..

this little fellow wanted to be on 
the picture aswell...

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Buachaille Baffies (Striped) - Kate Davies

Baffies sind in Schottland 
Baffies is the Scots word for house slippers
Das erste Muster von 
Seven Skein Club

ca 5 h Strickzeit
knitting time - 5 hours

Ich freu mich schon auf das nächste Muster..
I am looking forward to the next pattern..

Ich wünsche einen wunderschönen Herbst
Wishing you all a wonderful autumn