Friday, September 04, 2009

Shopping Tour in Zurich - 3/9/2009

Or it is all Agnes's fault!
Agnes, a very dear French lady has - is - knitting
The Autumn Cardigan

Its simply a MUST HAVE for a knitter.. So far I got the yarn
the colors of Kauni yarn are fantastic

Kauni Potpouri

Kauni with a view

Kauni Soldiers

Furthermore, this yarn from the States arrived
sock yarn

100 % wool

Together with the yarn, these two sewing books arrived
from Japan

and.. last but not least I bought a bit more in Zurich....
these 2 bags
secondhand.. each sfr. 15.--

oh yes.. 2 more books were shouting.. buy me, buy me.... not that I haven't got enough sock books..

and a book for natural dyeing..

don't forget me hey...

there are a few more things I bought..
but I will keep them as a secret.. lalalala

and the most important thing ever.. somebody has to work.. may I introduce EMILY.. Emily is working for me so that I have more time to knit
My Emily.. alias the automatic Vaccuum cleaner..also a Must Have


  1. such beautiful yarn, especially the bright colour mix hank from the USA.

  2. I'm sitting here giggling helplessly about your Kauni pix. :o) Thanks for the fun!

  3. Oh, Kauni is lovely but no one carries it around here. My daughter had to order it from Germany. I have a vacuum similar to yours. We call her "Olga"