Wednesday, December 13, 2017


6 1/2 years it was rather silent on my knitting blog.
To celebrate my back to normal life,
I used one of my most favourite yarns to 
create a colourful dress.
I used a lot of different techniques,
different Colors from Wollmeise.
All 100% wool. 
My Wollmeise yarn, I bought from 
KB-Design, Brigitte was downsizing
her stash. Thank you very mucH.
When I knit something without any plans in 
advance its whatever comes to my mind.
I always start with a gauge in stockinette stitch.
This dress was knitted bottom up,
first the skirt,
the the upper part,
the sleeves,
the collar 
and while knitting the skirt, I decided 
to create kind of a tulip skirt with some 
different color downwards.
The dress is not blocked yet but due
to the nice weather we have got today,
taking pictures was a must.
I will shoot wearing pictures as soon
as its washed and blocked and the weather
allows it again. 

The sight from our upper balcony 
but I had to bring them a bit closer,
most of the sheep are wearing bells and
they love to run up and down the hill...
music the whole day and many times
during the night too...

Wollmeise Color Potpurri with
the Lake of Constance in the back..

ah I can see myself ....

one could almost think its warm outside..

.. on the way to go...

on the way to go...

sleeve details 

more sleeve details...

FairIsle .. it will be seen better after blocking 

the collar I created using 3 different colors

Colors of the skirt...

no birds up in the sky..

I first had to remove a hair from

a bit more sleeve 

a detail using a Latvian technique... 

and this time a bit closer... 

FairIsle but it will look better as soon as its washed 
and blocked

more color work

the beginning...

color over color...

the picked up stitches to knit downward

the last rose in the garden.. it saw already a
bit snow and some really cold nights and

somebody was watching us...
the next dress is already on the go but this
time its not only knitting... 
Until next time

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  1. wow!! Liebe Christa, was für eine Farbenpracht und was für eine Strickkunst mit diesen bezaubernden Details und den tollen Mustern... Ich bewundere Dich dafür, wünsche Dir eine besinnliche Adventszeit und schicke Dir liebe Grüße aus dem wieder schneefreien Ostfriesland zu Dir an den Bodensee, der, wie ich sehe wohl auch noch schneefrei ist...So schön ist die letzte Rose...